Hyderabadi biryani!


Why use Mobile Point of Sales?

Bringing Biryani Closer and faster from Kitchen to you. Ability to control quality & consistency better.


Why we have used Innovative Packing?

Use this information on website or on flier / on any other media . Answer: Eating Biryani is all about experience and when it comes to take-away, it becomes difficult to enjoy Biryani Hassle free, hence this innovative packing, keeps the Biryani Wam, fresh for long, eases the process of eating, and reduces Polythene bag usage.


Why we used green?

Green symbolizes freshness, is a multi cultural color, part of Indian Flag and nationality.


Why the Name Biryani Kings?

All our customers are Kings and give them a Royal Experience. The Biryani itself is King Size, with additional accompaniments, providing a wholesome experience.


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